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Dear Readers, to leave a comment, type in the box, then scroll down to “Comment as:” If you have signed into your own Google.doc account, your name will probably be there, but if not, if you’ve arrived from outside the Goggle system, then select either “Name/URL” or “Anonymous.” Enter your name, not the URL, or enter Anonymous. Press ENTER. Then press POST COMMENT below. If you’re outside the Google system, you’ll be asked to “read” a weird word–it’s a kind of security gate. Once you pass this, make sure you keep pressing enter.

Your comment may not show up in the Post a Comment box but in a list of comments which I can access. I’m thinking of making the comments more public and possibly allowing for an exchange of comments, but so far, this is how I understand the commenting function works. Good luck.

  1. Alex

    I did have some trouble posting a comment (using the Chrome browser) until I logged into my google account first. It seemed to be in an endless loop of previewing my comment without posting it, until I logged on first and then added a comment. Hope this helps.

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