The Cat and Katrina

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We had to yell at Fran’s brother Lester: “Get out of New Orleans!” It was the morning before Katrina hit. These two brothers have a history of ignoring the obvious. Lester had moved out of Minneapolis five years before, vowing … Continued

Three Cats

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They couldn’t be more different in character, though two are quasi-calico, the third and youngest, Julia, is black and white, a tuxedo cat. My kidding quasi son-in-law informs me she’s a kitler or cat with Hitler moustache. Like humans,our cats … Continued

Cat Action One – Julia

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Julia after Lennon’s song – Teenage Cat Mom This is Julia. Black and White. Came to us from Pet Smart when they still had a store in the Midway. Third cat of three. Smallest. Eating more. Rounder. Kitler, so we … Continued

Mother/Daughter Food Fights

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Margotlog: Mother/Daughter Food Fights:Tension over food: there’s the pout, the hands on hips, the storming from the table, the “You can’t run my life.” Why do mothers and daughters pitch their battles over the plate? I know: it dissipates with … Continued