Beyond the Palms, Hawai’i

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Not this year, but a few years ago, we entered the Kasbah of Hawai’i hipsters, circa 1970. No clue outside the low, white dwelling with palms-and-hibiscus yard. No clue in the blue-green lapping lagoon and fluffy white clouds above. But once we opened … Continued

The Great Mahele

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In the late 1840s, the land system in Hawaii was changed from a system of peonage. This redistribution, remapping, resale was called the Great Mahele. Previously, most of the land on the Islands was held by local royalty, by greater … Continued

Hawaii, Dreaming

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Margotlog: Hawaii, Dreaming After more years in snow country than I care to count, I’m not surprised that, mid-February, green rises at the back of my mind like an ancient ship coming over the horizon. In fact, I’ve never approached … Continued