Book2p_Body_001Body of Evidence

B04_Border_Crossings_001Border Crossings – A Minnesota Voices Project Reader
County LinesCounty Lines – 87 Minnesota Counties 130 Minnesota Poets

B04_Looking_For_Home_001Looking for Home – Women Writing about Exile
Nodin Poetry AnthologyNodin Poetry Anthology
B04_Poet_Dreaming_001The Poet Dreaming in the Artist’s House – Contemporary Poems About Visual Arts
Book2p_Quiet_001The Quiet Eye – Thirteen Ways of Looking at Nature
B04_Sing_Along_The_Way_001To Sing Along the Way – Minnesota Women Poets from Pre-Territorial Days to the Present
B04_Wind_Blows_001The Wind Blows, The Ice Breaks – Poems of Loss and Renewal by Minnesota Poets

More Poetry by Margot…

A Country's Way with Rain
The Country's Way with Rain
by Margot Fortunato Galt
A fine-art chapbook of poems inspired by anonymous family photographs from a Sioux Falls flea market.


Between The Houses
Between the Houses
2004 by Margot Fortunato Galt
Recognized for Excellence
"These poems deliver us from real or imagined houses that conceal their harsh histories of survival to mature artistic reconciliation. Then 'blame falls away like a heavy cloak' and allows the 'slow mosaic of rebirth' to begin. Through a courageous exploration of vulnerability and missed opportunity, these poems achieve their hard-earned grace."
– Jill Breckenridge


The Heart Beat of Wings
2017 by Margot Fortunato Galt
Margot Fortunato Galt's The Heart Beat of Wings "is masterful, assured, moving. So many strong, clear. memorable lines, and true heartbreak...polished smooth like your beloved Roman statues...Plus beauty and heart and maybe salvation, those pigeon wings resurrecting all of us."
– Jim Lenfesty