Here in fly-over winterland, we are anticipating a winter storm. Our weather radio–cranked with a whirr, whirr every two minutes–has voices that sound like Yukon Yukes, drawling, then clamping their jaws. I go out early to the postal box, intent … Continued

Poetic Attachments

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Yesterday at The Loft, a Place for Readers & Writers in Minneapolis, two poets talked about their love of the art.. Mark Doty and Terry K. Smith, the first teacher to the second, the first well-known for writing a haunting … Continued

The Poetic Impulse

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Walking the neighborhood this time of year with the azalea bushes blushing from winter’s nip under their skirts, the “green fuse” sparks, and I’m channeling some great poet whose name I’ve forgot. Words form in my head as I stride … Continued

Writing in the Dark

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In the vacant Roman villas of Boscoreale and Oplontis (lst century BCE), architectural landscapes advance and retreat across room after room. On one wall, an image of a small round temple sheathed in columns rises from the top center and … Continued