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Here’s where the generation divides: Those who think it’s easy as pie to leave a comment on a blog, and those who pause, scratch the proverbial pate, and give up. Do not despair: my mother learned to drive way over 50. You too can drive a blog comment. First, write your comment in the box. Then where there’s a scroll down option, select either Anonymous or Name/URL. Type your name, but IGNORE the URL business. It’s unmentionable. Some of us aren’t really sure what it stands for. SO IGNORE. Push Post. You’ll be greeted with a bunch of letters on drugs. Try very hard to decipher them and type them in simple non-drugged letters. This is somebody in Goggleland’s idea of a drug test. When you’ve passed this, and you’d be given the same “opportunity” if you ordered tickets on line, push Post again, or maybe you don’t even have to do that. You’ll see in yellow highlighter a message that you’re comment’s been posted.

Try it. I’ll love it!

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  1. Sissy

    Ok, so my grammar goofed: your comment, not you’re. Can you tell I’m teaching Writing today? The teacher needs to be better than students, which isn’t always the case. But I say, when a student catches the teacher in a mistake, the student rocks and never forgets.

  2. Sissy 2

    Second guideline: write your comment, then on the line below where it asks “Comment as:” Scroll down by hitting the blue check on the right. Select NAME/URL. Type your name or your assumed name (or select Anonymous). IGNORE URL.

    Then press “Post COmment.” And you’ll be greeted with the crazy word. Try to decipher and type in regular letters. You should be good to go.

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